Monday, March 28, 2016

On your mark... get set... wait! - Don't forget a proper warm-up

Many of us feel that making time for a work-out is challenging enough and we push  to get everything done in an allotted time - I'm guilty of it too, sometimes. Jo is very thorough and deliberate when it comes to her pre-workout warm-up routine and she found this article which we thought would be beneficial to all. 
This particular article is geared towards strength training, but whatever your activity is be it aerobics, cycling,  HIIT (high -intensity-interval - training) or weight-lifting - take at least ten minutes to perform a warm-up/stretch routine that is suitable for the activity you're going to do.

Here's the article:

5 -Step Warm- Up

Have a great day and remember that consistency gets desired results


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